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Plan Well to Achieve

Solid Results

Results-Driven Approach to Litigation

Whether you are in a commercial dispute with a business partner or with co-beneficiaries in an estate matter; if you are defending against or pursuing a claim; if you are a senior whose next-of-kin is pursuing guardianship or if you are a concerned loved one seeking to obtain guardianship over an aging and ailing parent – you may need the assistance of legal counsel. 

A Different Philosophy & Approach

When we find ourselves involved in conflict, disagreements or adversarial circumstances, we can become consumed with the impact those events have on our lives and the stress of navigating that experience in a way designed to assuage negative emotions.  Those emotions can range from anger, to sadness, to fear and dread.  Most of us can agree that the best decisions are not often made in the heat of anger or under the weight of fear over money or lost opportunities.  At times of personal loss or heartbreak, we oftentimes cannot see the forest for the trees. 


Attorneys are sometimes viewed as mere hired agents, commissioned to obtain emotional victories that bring temporary (and dubious) comforts.  One does oneself a disservice to embrace that view of the role of legal counsel.  In fact, anger, sadness, fear and stress will dissipate and heal over time, regardless of the outcome of the case.  When the conflict is over, and the case is resolved, the cost of such an approach might outweigh the results obtained. 


At Markenstein Law, you will find a different philosophy and a different approach.  First, we identify the goal – the ultimate result the client is seeking.  We then discuss that desired result within the context of the applicable law, the factual circumstances of the case and the process involved.  The litigation strategy is then tailored to that achievable goal.  In some circumstances, the most effective way to achieve the identified goal will be through negotiation and compromise; in other circumstances, the tools of litigation, vigorously applied, will carry the day.  More often than not, it is a deft combination of both that delivers results.  You are invited to discover how this philosophy and approach can work for you and your case.

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