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When we find ourselves involved in conflict, disagreements or adversarial circumstances, we can become consumed with the impact those events have on our lives and the stress of navigating that experience in a way designed to assuage negative emotions.  Those emotions can range from anger, to sadness, to fear and dread.  Most of us can agree that the best decisions are not often made in the heat of anger or under the weight of fear over money or lost opportunities.  At times of personal loss or heartbreak, we oftentimes cannot see the forest for the trees. 

Susan Markenstein, Esq.

Susan Markenstein brings to each case leadership, confidence, insight and knowledge.  She has been litigating cases in the areas of commercial disputes, probate and estate matters and other civil disputes for many years, thinking outside the box on each and putting the client first. Ms. Markenstein appears regularly in the law, chancery and civil divisions of the Superior Court. Ms. Markenstein also practices at the appellate level. Ms. Markenstein also provides representation in the area of estate administration and probate matters.


Competence and Skill Built on Depth and Perspective

AT markenstein Law, you will find a different philosophy and a different approach.  First, we identify the goal – the ultimate result the client is seeking.  We then discuss that desired result within the context of the applicable law, the factual circumstances of the case and the process involved.  The litigation strategy is then tailored to that achievable goal.


Areas of Concentration

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